One of my email-friends who had the pleasure to read this novel as one of the firsts described "The Lizard" this way:

"It's wonderful, when someone comes along such innocent presenting his heart to you on a golden plate and you just can't help and take it and keep it and alter in order to be able to keep hold of it."

I guess, that's the essence of this novel. Thank you, Christiane.

A note to the background of "The Lizard"

Not all the characters I've mentioned are fictional. The Gondi family lived in Florence from the 11th Century onwards. I don't know if any of their descendants are still alive. All traces of them seem to be lost. They were rich merchants and were elevated to the nobility, leaving a famous palazzo behind. The Pucci Palazzo can also be seen though any comments about the fashion-designer, Emilio Pucci's sexual inclinations are purely speculation on my part. The same goes for the painters, Masaccio and Masolino. They worked together; their art works are still displayed. Whether they were lovers nobody knows, though it is said that Masaccio had a liking for his own gender as also Donatello and Brunelleschi.

List of Characters

Historical Persons

Opificio delle Pietre Dure

The Cult of Mithras

Tabasco Bar

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The Naked Chef

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