List of characters



Luca Montori apprentice at the workshop for stone inlay
Dante Luca's oldest brother, stone cutter
Marcello Luca's second oldest brother, stone cutter
Giano Luca's brother, medical student at Pisa
Niccolo their father, master of the stone cutters
Clarissa their mother
Alessandro di Gondi-Lucertola last offspring of the Florentine noble family
Matteo Alessandro's late father
Valentina Alessandro's mother
Arrigo Alessandro's uncle
Emilio Alessandro's uncle, mayor of Florence
Anastasia housekeeper
Francesco housekeeper and gardener


Coppo Travisero Professor at the workshop Opificio delle Pietre Dure
Raniero Riefoli apprentice at the workshop
Padre Castruccio Prior of the Dominican church Santa Maria Novella


Tristano d'Astangli Luca's fellow at the workshop
Rosso Luca's school friend
Michele "Micky", Luca's school friend
Giuliano Luca's school friend
Isolde Tristano's sister



Franco fellow student of Alessandro
Claudio fellow student of Alessandro
Leoni da Firenzuola fellow student of Alessandro, his old school mate
Celestino "Tino", medical student